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PRESENTE: Fundación Compromiso y sus socios lanzan “Creatividad, Cultura y Capital: la inversión de impacto en la economía creativa global”

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Ámbito: “Creatividad, cultura y capital” – la nueva página web para estimular la economía creativa global

Upstart Co-Lab, Nesta and Fundacion Compromiso launch ‘Creativity, Culture and Capital: Impact investing in the global creative economy’

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Nesta, Fundacion Compromiso and Upstart Co-Lab launch ‘Creativity, Culture and Capital: Impact investing in the global creative economy’

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New Coalition Assembled by Upstart Co-Lab Will Bring Together $1 Billion of Impact Investing Capacity for the Creative Economy

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Souls Grown Deep Community Partnership Commits $1 Million to Impact Investing to Promote Racial Justice and Creative Economies

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Our Alternative Journey To Alternative Finance

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Impact Investments in Creative Economy Poised for Growth, Study Finds

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Artists, Investors and Innovators Join Together to Launch Upstart Co-Lab

New Organization to Link Artists and Entrepreneurs

Upstart Co-Lab to Promote a Creative Economy


Real Leaders: Diversity Investment in the Creative Economy Creates a Blockbuster

Tandem Pictures Co-Heads Push for Sustainability in Indie Filmmaking

City arts community needs a ‘Marshall Plan’

To support a homegrown artist community, Berea, Kentucky, asked residents to trust government.

Ivory Coast e-commerce startup Afrikrea raises $1m funding round

Afreximbank commits $500m for creative sector development

How can creative industries benefit from blockchain?

Africa’s creative industries get a half-billion-dollar boost by big banks

How can arts charities protect their reputation through their investments?

The UN set 17 sustainability goals. It needs fashion’s help meeting them

A Restaurant With No Leftovers

Creative industries are the future of middle class jobs in New York

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Is the writing on the wall for the private funding of museums?

In America, art is helping prisoners adapt to life outside

Cooperative Works to Save the Only Black-Owned Bookstore in Kentucky – Next City

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How We Run Our Money: Louvre Endowment Fund

Louvre Fund Has Novel Way to Help Restore France’s Old Monuments

About Her Business: 3 Black Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories Of Continuous Growth At CURLFEST 2019

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To Reduce Hospital Noise, Researchers Create Alarms That Whistle and Sing

Study: Wisconsin’s creative industries have $9.7 billion annual impact

The Nonprofit Fashioning a Better Path for New York City’s Textile Waste – Next City

Why This Venture-Backed Startup Decided to Hold Its Launch Event in Anchorage, Alaska

New Clothing Manufacturing Co-Op Provides Opportunity, Not Charity, to Immigrant and Refugee Women – Next City

Breaking and Making Bread – Next City

This Food Delivery Startup Only Hires Immigrant Chefs – Next City

La Cocina: The Incubator That Helps Immigrant Women Chase American Dream : The Salt : NPR

How the Creative Placemaking Tide Lifts All Community Boats

Chicago Finds a Way to Improve Public Housing: Libraries

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How Entrepreneurs Are Tapping Into the Power of Local

Indianapolis Initiative Uplifts Local Creators With Free Rent

Can an Art Collective Become the Disney of the Experience Economy?

Indianapolis Initiative Uplifts Local Creators With Free Rent

A Holocaust Story for the Social Media Generation

An All-Latino Cast? Hollywood Passed, but ‘El Chicano’ Is Coming

Displaced Artists Open a New Front at the Brooklyn Army Terminal

Finding the Beauty in Cultural Appropriation

Hello, Little Microbe. Doesn’t This Jacket Look Yummy?

As Netflix Contends With More Rivals, Hulu Stands Out

Pinterest Prices I.P.O. at $19 a Share, for a $12.7 Billion Valuation

Netflix will grow NYC presence with Brooklyn soundstages

The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Fashion for a Blurring Binary

Artists as ‘Creative Problem-Solvers’ at City Agencies

Arts and Culture Is an $800 Billion U.S. Industry – CityLab

Camden Receives $1 Million to Turn Dumps into Public Art

Library Systems Embracing Their New Roles As Social Service Hubs

To Theaster Gates, Art And Redevelopment Are One And The Same

Cambridge Analytica Used Fashion Tastes to Identify Right-Wing Voters

Music Festivals Are Gaining Popularity in Asia. Just Not With Officials.

Opinion | Can Laurene Powell Jobs Save Storytelling?

The Washington Post: Analysis | This researcher studied 400,000 knitters and discovered what turns a hobby into a business

As Nigerian Fashion Booms, Women Lead Its Coverage

The 2008 economic crash hit L.A.’s cultural institutions hard. 10 years later, many are bouncing back — and thriving

Ghetto Film School Trains Its Lens on Hollywood’s Diversity Problem

Maja Hoffmann Fights to Build Her Cultural Capital in Arles, France

Basically, stop complaining about smartphones at museums

Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion artists will use data to reveal social, environmental issues

ImpactAlpha: Queen Latifah backs Essence fund for women of color in the arts

ImpactAlpha: Nesta’s Arts Impact Fund invests in six more U.K. art enterprises

NPR Planet Money: Swamp Gravy

The Most Creative People in Business 2018

In the Dance Lab With Martha Graham

‘We Don’t Perform for People, We Perform for the Gods’

Great museums seem to matter for the locations on the shortlist for Amazon’s HQ2

Bach, Sit Down, Be Humble

Seniors Flex Creative Muscles In Retirement Arts Colonies

Artists Aren’t to Blame for Gentrification, After All

Northstar Foundation invests in women, health and arts via Du’Anyam

In Germany, the Power of Art in the Twilight of Life

Long Before MRIs, Santiago Ramón y Cajal Revealed the Inner Workings of the Brain

Turning the Rubble of China’s Mass Evictions Into Protest Art

As India’s Tensions Boil, Even a Statue of Gandhi Isn’t Safe

Transforming Montreal’s Retired Subway Cars Into Creative Spaces

How Craft Breweries Are Helping to Revive Local Economies

What is the creative economy?

Heather Fleming: Bringing global social innovation home to the Navajo Nation

How Creativity is Measured—And Why It’s So Difficult

Nesta’s Arts Impact Fund backs creative companies and art entrepreneurs

Great minds don’t think alike: How creativity and cognitive diversity fuel business greatness

As Wealth Changes the Tenderloin, a Move to Preserve Artistic ‘Gems’

Turning Point: Emerging Media and Social Justice Philanthropy

Appalachian Town Becomes Arts Destination Through Public Nonprofit Partnerships – Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly

Meow Wolf in Denver: Santa Fe’s deliriously popular art collective lands with permanent installation

A Made-In-Maine Startup Trains Locals In The Art Of Stitching

It’s Official: Naples Pizza Is One of Civilization’s Glories – The New York Times

The US cities with the highest concentrations of working artists

The city’s costume industry in being left behind by the film and TV boom | Crain’s New York Business

From ‘why’ to ‘why not’: Sustainable investing as the new normal

How women artisans are reviving ancient crafts and modern livelihoods in rural India

New York City Just Established Three New Artist Residencies in the Criminal Justice System

Why Med Schools Are Requiring Art Classes

ImpactAlpha: Nesta’s Arts Impact Fund backs creative companies and art entrepreneurs

Hyperallergic: Cultural Organizations Improve Quality of Life in NYC’s Low-Income Neighborhoods, Report Finds

The Tennessean – T Bone Burnett eyes legacy project at Greer Stadium: ‘This is my baby’

The New York Times: De Blasio, With ‘Cultural Plan,’ Proposes Linking Money to Diversity

Skift: U.S. Mayors Are Backing Innovation Districts To Transform Cities’ Brands

Artsy: This 140-Person Art Collective Is Pursuing an Alternative Model for Artists to Make a Living

Philanthropy News Digest: Art Groups Improve Health, Safety of New York Communities, Study Finds

BetaKit: Canadian Gov’t Invests $3 Million in Vancouver Coworking Spaces for Creatives

Zócalo on KCRW: The Arts Don’t Need New Audiences, They Need Communities

Fast Company – “Hip-Hop Is A Huge Equalizer”: Young Entrepreneurs Get Business Inspiration From The Music Industry

The New York Times: Agnes Gund Sells a Lichtenstein to Start Criminal Justice Fund

Inside Philanthropy: Can the Arts Revitalize a Depressed Town? A Foundation Will Find Out After Buying Most of It

The New York Times: Reviving a Lost Language of Canada Through Film

The Tennessean: Group including T Bone Burnett picked to redevelop Greer Stadium site

The Washington Post: Five famous musicians who are also science stars

Transforming a Vacant Paint Factory Into a $12.9 Million Arts and Tech Center

Artscape raises $21.4 million to build art entrepreneurship hub in Toronto

How to Bring More Artists Into City Planning

Cultural Organizations Improve Quality of Life in NYC’s Low-Income Neighborhoods, Report Finds

Is It a Toy? Is It Art? Everyone Agrees It’s a Collectible

This Artist Is Calvin Klein’s Latest Muse

A Space Odyssey: Making Art Up There

How the Internet Is Saving Culture, Not Killing It

New Message at Some Museums: Don’t Just Look. Do.

Gates Foundation Uses Art to Encourage Vaccination

To Keep Their Artists, Cities Explore Affordable Housing

Healing Through Hip-Hop

There is a Major Climate Issue Hiding in Your Closet: Fast Fashion

London mayor pledges to create affordable artists’ studios

Arts Impact Fund invests a further £1.9 million in sector and points to growth in commercial ventures

Proving people wrong: the Arts Impact Fund

At Seattle Art Fair, the Interaction Between Technology and Modern Life

The New Rules Of The Creative Economy Creates a $500 Limited Benefit for Gig-Economy Workers

Old Mills Remade in Pawtucket, R.I., With Art as Their Product

The Impact Economy: An Open Letter to the 2016 Presidential Candidates

200-sq-ft mini mobile studios let artists and entrepreneurs escape out-of-control NYC rents

Forget Tiny Houses—It’s Time for Tiny Artist Studios

Advocating for Economic Security for Etsy Sellers

In ‘By the People,’ Designing for the Underserved and Overlooked

Artist Gives Citizens Simple Tools to Design Their Public Spaces

Arts Council to Impose Quantitative Measures of Arts Quality

Fashion’s Newest Frontier: The Disabled and the Displaced

How Artists Change the World

For Cultural Brooklyn, a Plan to Grow and Stay True

Mediachain envisions a blockchain-based tool for identifying artists’ work across the internet

From Refugee Chefs, a Taste of Home

Three Things Great Data Storytellers Do Differently

‘Hamilton Inc.’: the Path to a Billion Dollar Show

Mushroom Suits, Biodegradable Urns, and Death’s New Frontier

Making Space for Manhattan Artists That They Otherwise Couldn’t Afford

The Playwright Mac Rogers Explores Robots, Aliens and Allegory

Hotels Aim to Stand Out With Local Art

Spotify Hires Troy Carter as a Liaison With Artists

Lil Buck and Jon Boogz, Wearing Paint as They Tell a Tale

Graffitist in Residence? It’s the Latest Hotel Amenity

Who’s Too Young for an App? Tests the Limits

An Artist Redefines Power. With Sanitation Equipment

Nine Years for the Cultural Destruction of Timbuktu

Judge Rejects Justice Department Ruling on Music Licensing

The Entire History of Kickstarter Projects, Broken Down by City

Net Neutrality Win in the D.C. Circuit Court is a Win for the Arts

LADOT’s First Artist-in-Residence Captures Agency’s Evolution

Containing Multitudes: The Many Impacts of Kickstarter Funding

Kickstarter’s Impact on the Creative Economy

When Art is a Cornerstone for Community Building

An Artist Who Calls the Sanitation Department Home

Cracking the Code of Impact Investing

Why Art, Not Google, Could Revolutionize WiFi

As rents rise, nonprofits struggle to stay in the Bay Area

Obama’s $1B Impact Investment Program Could Be Here to Stay

Meet the New Breed of Philanthropists Helping Social Entrepreneurs Succeed

Who Can Afford to be a Starving Artist?

Artist-Innovator Jae Rhim Lee and her new company Coeio were featured in the NYTimes business section

Website Aims to Offer Images of all Publicly Owned Art in Britain

Actor’s Gang: How Tim Robbins Has Cut Reoffending Rates

Etsy Wants to Crochet its Cake, and Eat It Too

Hollywood Special Effects Can Shave Years Off an Actor’s Life, Reshape a Performance, or Even Recast a Role After a Movie’s Been Shot

Quid CEO Neville Crawley, An Artist Turned Entrepreneur

Art Market in ‘Mania Phase’ and Risks Bursting of the Bubble, Report Says

Artists’ Low Income and Status are International Issues

Will Robots That Can Write Steal Your Creative Job?

Steps to Catalyze Private Foundation Impact Investing

To Fail and Fail Big A Study of Mid-Career Artists, Success and Failure

After Sandy, Katrina And Sept. 11, This Sculptor Finds Art In Survival

Accounting for Artists’ Debt

A Healthy Arts Ecosystem

53,000 Artists Vie for 89 Affordable East Harlem Apartments

What is a Work of Art in the Age of $120,000 Art Degrees?

Creative New York

Expensive cities are killing creativity

The Most Inspiring Cities for Young Artists Ranked

NYC Will Build 1,500 New Affordable Artists’ Studios by 2025

Industry City, the SoHo of Sunset Park

Why Starving Artists Still Prefer to Starve in New York

How a weirdo city became just like everywhere else

Priced Out: San Francisco’s Changing Values and Artist Exodus

Why is Galapagos Moving to Detroit?

Three lessons for making Pittsburgh affordable for artists

How Many Artists Does It Take to Make an Arts District?

Too Good to Be True? The Opportunity and Cost of the $1 Building

Chicago’s Painting a World Hub for Public Art

How Advocates of African-American Art Are Advancing Racial Equality in the Art World

How the Arts Add to Urban Economies

How Entrepreneurship Can Save The Starving Artist

Unseen Art: 3D Printing Classical Paintings for the Blind

When Meals Played the Muse

Tech companies are investing in artists to improve creativity

Nights at the Neptune: Where art and social justice meet

Artists Within Spotlight: Y-LLEAD – Healing the Self to Heal the Community

Three Case Studies: Innovating at the Intersections of Arts and Social Justice

Seeking a Role for the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse

Harry Belafonte on Using the Arts to Fight Injustice

For Detroit Artists, Almost Anything Goes

These Artists Helped Win World War II With Inflatable Rubber Tanks and Fake Artillery

How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off

James Franco and Hollywood Charity Team Up on Nonprofit Studio

Starbucks Now Sells Art with its Lattes

YouTube Acquires BandPage For $8M To Attract Musicians With Money-Making Tools

Using art as city problem solver

Probation leads to poetry in the Bronx

Helping Homeless Artists Turn Around Their Fortunes

The Amazing Murals Created by Facebook’s Artists in Residence

Who Borrows Against Art? Galleries, Individuals and Foundations Do– Track with Skate’s Art Loans Database

Establishing a Creative Economy: Art as an Economic Engine in Native Communities

Why Cities Can’t Afford to Lose Their Artists

The Virtuous Cycle of Keeping Your City Affordable for Artists

Creative New York

Museums Can Change—Will They?

The Artha Project Supports Emerging Artists on a Small and Personal Scale

The New York Times sells out artists: Shallow data paints a too-rosy picture of “thriving” creative class in the digital age

Instagram Takes on Growing Role in the Art Market

What Startups Can Learn From The Art Market

Can Data Capture the True Health of the Creative Economy?

Big Tech Wants A Piece of the Performing Arts Action

Welcome To The Brave New World Of The Corporate-Sponsored Artist

How Majoring in Art History Helped Corporate Leaders

Six creative ways artists can improve communities

Forbes’s 2015 Ranking of Billionaires Features Art Players Aplenty

Ford Foundation Launches ‘Art of Change’ Fellowship Program

A physicist, biologist, Nobel laureate, CEO, and now, artist

10 Techniques From Professional Artists For Breaking Through Creative Blocks

Are educators and executives aligned on the creative readiness of the U.S. workforce?

The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

The Nuts and Bolts of Being a Performing Artist

What skills do arts sector grads need to develop their career?

A Few Good Reasons to Drop Out of Art School

Universities Embrace the Arts: What Do Artists Get?

STEM is incredibly valuable, but if we want the best innovators we must teach the arts

How Artists Can Fight Back Against Cities That Are Taking Advantage of Them

Up in the AIR: How will tech residencies reshape Bay Area art?

Why Art School Can Be A Smart Career Move

Why a Gin Company Hired Musicians as Part-Time Salespeople

A Founders Program for Designers

De Blasio to Unveil New Artist Housing, Workspace

Resources for finding affordable studio and performing arts space in New York City

Off the Beaten Track provides affordable work space for D.C. artists

Art Basel for Non-Profit Visual Arts Organization

Denver Grant Maker Narrows Focus to the Arts — Just the Arts

How Marc Ecko Is Rebranding Venture Capital With Artists & Instigators

Tapping Big Pockets to Fund Small Ventures

Interview with Boston’s New Chief of Arts and Culture: Julie Burros