What is impact investing?

Impact investing is investing with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. It is an investment approach, applicable to all asset classes, that counters the traditional separation of environmental, social and governance risk factors from investment decisions that are focused on financial returns alone. Impact investors consider how their investments align with their social and/or environmental goals and values, as well as their financial return objectives.

Upstart Co-Lab uses impact investing as the umbrella term that includes concepts such as sustainable investing, ESG (investing in companies operating with best environmental, social and governance practices) and SRI (socially responsible investing, or sustainable, responsible and impact investing). 

Impact investors using a creativity lens will see large-scale opportunities for deep impact and market-rate returns in the creative economy. Learn more about how the social and environmental priorities impact investors address in their portfolio can be achieved and furthered by investing in the creative economy in Upstart Co-Lab’s 2021 Impact Report.