What’s the Big Idea?

Upstart Co-Lab is “an unorthodox idea
to give philanthropy more power to do good”




The October issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy recognizes Upstart Co-Lab for portraying artists as change-makers and “funding the good from creativity.” Upstart founding partner Laura Callanan was profiled as one of 26 people turning radical notions of “new philanthropy” into a reality.

Read the article to learn more about how Upstart is launching the first impact investing product for arts and creativity.


As foundations break down

the wall between grant
making and investing,
a sector that can’t accept
investment capital is going
to really get left behind.

Laura Callanan
Founding Partner
Upstart Co-Lab

This is the stage climate
change was at
15 years ago.

Patricia Farrar-Rivas
Veris Wealth Partners



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New Venture Connects Socially Minded Artists with Cash