August started with a bang for Upstart Co-Lab. The social sector, the arts sector, and the impact investing sector all recognized our efforts to spotlight artists as innovators and unleash more capital for creativity.


“In an era when government funding of the arts is under constant pressure…
impact investing in the arts is simply genius” – The NonProfit Times


Upstart Co-Lab’s Laura Callanan was named to The Nonprofit Times Power and Influence Top 50. She’s the only arts-related leader recognized this year. #NPTpower50.


“Upstart Co-Lab is creating a three-part campaign to highlight the massive potential of artists as innovators” – Artsy


Check out the Artsy editorial, and read our report Great Minds Don’t Think Alike: Artists as innovators in business, government, and society.


“More than $1.5 billion in arts-related investment opportunities are coming online” – Barron’s


The Barron’s article describes the opportunity for impact investing in the creative economy, what types of deals are delivering financial and social return, and what investors should tell their wealth advisors.