The Surprise Social Entrepreneurs

Promoting healthy eating. Building community cohesion. Stewarding the environmentReforming the criminal justice system. Sounds like the work of social entrepreneurs? Yes, but it’s also the work of artists. Surprised?

Toni Johnson of the F.B. Heron Foundation and Upstart Co-Lab founding partner Laura Callanan talk about artists as social entrepreneurs in the latest installment of Soundbites. Ready for another surprise? There are three artists on staff at the Heron Foundation leading the charge on mission-related investing. Listen to the 10-minute conversation to find out who.



Did you know Hollywood actress Hedy Lamar invented the technology that became Bluetooth? That William Herschel, composer of 24 musical symphonies, discovered the planet Uranus? That 19th century actor Isaac Merritt Singer held patents for multiple inventions including one for an automatic sewing machine?

This is why Upstart Co-Lab is creating more opportunities for artist-innovators.  And this is how.