Entrepreneur Insights

Upstart Co-Lab interviewed entrepreneurs in our network about themselves, their companies, the impact they are having, and their experience with impact investors financing their company growth.

Interview with Max Slavkin, Creative Action Network

Max Slavkin discusses finding impact investors who share his values to finance a platform connecting artists with social causes.

Interview with Sam Farrazaino, Equinox Studios

Sam Farrazaino describes launching a ‘creative industrial complex’ for artists and artisans in Seattle, and its evolution into the Georgetown Community Development Authority.

Interview with Pree Walia, Preemadonna

Pree Walia discusses her inspiration for building a community of ‘Preemadonnas’ – girls and young women excited by tech, entrepreneurship and creative expression.

Interview with Dave Silver and Will Toms, REC Philly

Dave Silver and Will Toms describe building a creative community in their hometown of Philadelphia, and give advice to impact investors.