Tze Chun

Tze Chun, an artist and entrepreneur, is the founder of Uprise Art, a New York-based startup that makes displaying and collecting art easy and accessible.

Curating corporate art collections, Uprise Art shows how art can be a means to employee engagement, retention and recruitment. “We help small startups find statement pieces for their conference rooms, and help large law firms diversify their corporate collections with emerging art. It’s a really exciting challenge to help companies improve their spaces with original art,” explains Tze.

Uprise Art has an ongoing partnership curating exhibitions at Starbucks Reserve in Chelsea, NYC to spotlight that neighborhood’s arts community. “Chelsea’s art scene is unlike anywhere else in the world,” says Tze. “It was important for us to curate relevant artwork within the space that reflects the art discourse happening just outside our walls.”

Tze has been named a Tory Burch Foundation 10K Small Business Scholar.