Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore is a multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in Phoenix, Arizona. His art practice explores the broad issue of placemaking, often by creating large-scale installations and environments to achieve a state of wonderment and contemplation, and invitation to change. He uses these tools in his entrepreneurial ventures, from founding an architectural design and furniture company to designing concepts for farm-to-table restaurants.

Matt’s work addresses issues of ecological, cultural, and economic sustainability through the unique lens of his life as an active fourth-generation farmer. Because of encroachment on his family’s land, Moore created Rotations: Single Family Residence, an earthwork where a massive floor plan of a suburban house was carved by hand from a 20-acre barley field. “I did it partly because I’m nuts,” Matt says, “but also to reflect on the complexities of a waning agrarian nation.” Lifecycles, a series of films capturing multiple crops from seed to harvest, debuted in a supermarket in downtown Park City, Utah as part of the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. The films beautifully and succinctly connected consumers with the produce they were buying. 

Matt has exhibited at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Walker Art Center, MassMoCA, the World Congress of Soil Science in Korea, and Nuit Blanche in Canada. He has been featured in ARTforum, Art in America, Art Lies, Metropolis, Dwell, and Architecture. Matt is a Creative Capital Fellow, and spoke at the 2014 TEDxManhattan.

Photo Credit: Tim Lanterman