Ebony Noelle Golden

Ebony Noelle Golden is a performance artist, poet, director, and choreographer. Her projects include Grow Green, an environmental stewardship pop-up series, and Freedom in the Time of Ferguson, a community action project envisioning a world without widespread violence against young people of color.

Ebony is the CEO at Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, a New York City-based cultural arts direct-action group that works to inspire transformation and progressive social change through community-designed, culturally relevant creative projects.  Building community power is Ebony’s major motivation.

“I needed to find a way to be creative in community, because that’s where I come from,” Ebony says. “And of course I have my mother in my ear talking about, ‘How is this going to do anything beyond something for you and your family?’ I’m part of a community that believes art and culture should have real, tangible applications in community.”

A native of Houston, Texas, Ebony was a Cave Canem Fellow and a 2009 Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee.

Photo Credit: Melisa Cardona

Photo Credit: Comfort Katchy