Upstart Co-Lab is building a coalition of impact investors who understand the power of art, design, culture, heritage and creativity to drive social impact.

From January 2020 through December 2022, Upstart advised 10 private foundations, donor-advised funds, and endowed cultural institutions — with $1 billion of aggregate investment capacity — on investing with funds and businesses in the creative economy expected to have commercial success, and generate social impact. Learn more about the Upstart Member Community.

From October 2020 through October 2022, Upstart Co-Lab advised 25 museums and other cultural institutions — with $6 billion of investment assets – supporting their impact investing journey and helping them learn to align their endowment with their values and mission. This is the start to unlocking the impact investing potential of museums and other cultural institutions which hold over $64 billion in their aggregate endowments. Learn more about Upstart’s work with museums and cultural institutions.

In 2023, Upstart is launching the first impact investment strategy for the U.S. inclusive creative economy. Upstart’s approach targets market rate returns, prioritizes BIPOC and women entrepreneurs leading companies in creative industries, and seeks people-focused impact: quality jobs, vibrant communities, and sustainable creative lives. In tandem, Upstart will conduct an influence strategy focused on unlocking artists, art patrons and endowed cultural institutions as a new cohort of impact investors, and the creative sector as a new source of impact capital. Read Barron’s Future Returns: Upstart Co-Lab to Create Inclusive Creative Economy Fund to learn more.